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JLfest 2024 Competitions

There are 14 competitions (9 individual events, 3 group events, and 2 a combination of individual & group events). Of which,

  • 7 are 'works submission' participation

  • 4 are 'works submission and LIVE' participation

  • 3 are full 'LIVE' participation

Except where specified [PUBLIC] all competitions are open to registered JLfest 2024 participants only. If you are not one, please register here.

in addition to their respective rules, ALL competitions are also subject to JLfest 2024 Competition Common Rules, You are advised to read the rules carefully and understand them well before signing up for the competition to avoid disqualification. 

4コマSHIBAI Impromptu Japanese Speaking Competition

[ Closed ]

KATAKANA Attack Quiz Challenge Competition

[ Closed ]

'Snap a Shot, Share a Thought' Photo Caption Competition

[ Closing Date: May 15, 2024 ]

KANJI Map Poster Competition

[ Closing Date: Jun 15, 2024 ]

more to come....

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