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JLfest 2022

MAY 28 - JULY 31, 2022
RM15 @ person 
from MAY 1, 2022 onwards
Competition Result


Thank you very much for your kind patience. We are happy to announce the winners of the following competitions: -

  1.  「五・七・五」Poem Writing

  2.    [Snap a Shot. Share a Thought]  Photo Caption 

  3.    Nippon Quiz Bento Challenge

  4.    Manga Dialogue

  5.    2-MIN Documentary「地元の空」

  6.    e-KAMISHIBAI

  7.    Japanese Comedy Storytelling 

  8.    Sugoroku Language Boardgame Design

  9.    KOBANASHI - Japanese Comic Joke Telling

Congratulations to all the winners.  おめでとうございます!You may bask in all the glories as you have done well.

And to the rest of the contestants 大変お疲れさまでした。But don't give up yet as you have a year to prepare for JLfest 2023. Not only you have gained valuable experience taking part in the competition, but you can also study the winning entries of your proponents as well as from the valuable remarks/advice given by the judges. See you next year again!

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the 'sensei's who have been working feverishly hard in the background preparing their students for the competitions. Some teachers even lend devices to their students! 心より感謝しております。来年もよろしくお願い致します。

Notice to all the winners.

A form shall be emailed to all winners of all competitions (except for the Poem Writing and Photo Caption competitions) in a day or two. you are required to complete the form and return it to us by Sunday, August 21, 2022,

If you have not received it by Friday, Aug 19, 2022, please write to When writing to us, please give us your full name, the name of your school/university (if any), and the competition you have won.

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