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The Japanese Way: Through My Lens

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

In the summer of 2019, I have gotten the golden ticket to pack my bags and board a plane to Tokyo for a week with my friends under a programme by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. With my trusty camera, I have captured moments that will always be cherished. This is how I see the Japanese culture, through my lens.

Biking As a Way of Commute

During my first days in Tokyo, I almost got a heart attack when a middle-aged lady came whizzing pass while ringing her bell in her stylish Mamachari (ママチャリ). Being your average Malaysian, I tend to use the most convenient way to get by which is, you guessed it, a car. Although there is a huge probability for me to get hit by these bikes, it was a miracle that I am still alive and living to write this blog to you.