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July 31 is International Friendship Day or 「友だちの日」.

A BIG thank you to all friends and fans of JLfest who have been with us all this while. Hope that you will continue to enjoy the remaining JLfest events for this year.



Folk Dance


Folk dances are simple repetitive body movements that anyone can imitate and improvise on. The most important thing is to join in the crowd and go with the flow. What's a perfect way to blend in with the community and enjoy the interactions?

In this workshop, you will learn the 400-year-old folk dance and have a taste of some Japanese culture.


Closing date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Workshop Form.

The workshop is open to registered JLfest 2024 participants only. If you have yet to do so, register here.

Reading Poster S3.jpg

Reading Club
Session 3: 「朝の市場」

Have you ever wished you were the protagonist or the villain in a story you have just read? Or wanting the story to end differently.

Well, you may have your wish. Join us at the reading club session 3 and have a hand in making your version of the story「朝の市場」with new friends!


Closing date: Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Cafe Form.

The workshop is open to registered JLfest 2024 participants only. If you have yet to do so, register here.

JLfest 2024 - Final Lap

       We are entering the final month of JLfest 2024. How have you been enjoying it so far? Did you participate in workshops, competitions, reading sessions, or the online cafe and learn something new while making new friends? We have just a few more events this month before JLfest 2024 ends. 

Here is a summary of the remaining events in July.

Mark your calendar if you do not wish to miss them! Otherwise, you will have to wait another year!


Sun, Jul 14:  WAGASHI and Japanese 4 Seasons (Concluded)

Sun, Jul 21: Experiencing Japanese Folk Dance - GUJO Odori


Jul 3:    Japanese Greeting Postcard Design (Concluded)

Jul 10:  e-KAMISHIBAI Picture Storytelling (Concluded)

Jul 27:  SUGOROKU e-Language Board Game Design


Session 3: Sunday, July 14



Session 3: Sunday, July 21

(open for now)

Online Exhibition


You are invited to make a kanji-map poster of your favourite Kanji and submit it for our consideration to be part of this online exhibition.

Your kanji word can be a noun, verb, adjective, compound word, or a short phrase. For example, 木、食べる、高い、感謝 or お疲れさま.

Watch the video to learn how to make one. The rules are found in the Exhibition Board.

Submit your kanji-map poster here.

(Note: This event is open to both JLfest participants and the public.)



 漢字の言葉は、名詞、動詞、形容詞、熟語、短いフレーズでもいいです。例えば、木、食べる、高い、感謝、 お疲れさまなどです。




Welcome to
JLfest 2024

May 1 (Wed) to July 28, 2024 (Sun).

Unless stated, all the events at the festival are open to JLfest 2024 participants only. To register, please log in here


JLfest 2024

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