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JLfest 2023
Events Schedule

11 workshops, 14 competitions, and 4 sessions of the JLfest Online Cafe and JLfest 読書会 each await you when JLfest 2023 opens on May 1, 2023.

You may register for the festival from April 15, 2023, and pay a one-time participation fee of RM15. Only then, you are allowed to participate in any of the events listed, except stated otherwise and subject to their respective rules and regulations.

Signing up for competitions and workshops will only start from May 1, 2023, except for the KOBANASHI Workshop for Teachers which starts on April 15, 2023.

Details of all events will be released in batches over the next 2 weeks. You may view the event schedule here.

Result Announcement

We have received a total of 44 entries for the logo design competition. After much deliberation by the selection committee, 6 entries were shortlisted and the below entry was chosen as the official logo of JLfest 2023.

JLfest 2023 scheduled from May to August 2023.

The master schedule and program line-up will be announced by the middle of March 2023

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Memories of 2022

We received requests from teachers and students to allow them access to last year's competitions and workshops for their reference.

Here is the temporary link to them.

  1. Competitions 2022

  2. Workshops 2022

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