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JLfest 2022

Nippon Quiz Bento Challenge Competition
Nippon Quiz Bento Challenge Logo_edited.jpg


The competition hopes to generate interest among learners of Japan, its language, and its culture. It seeks to enhance students’ communication, collaborative research, and IT skills.

The Quiz

Comprising 4 levels (namely Junior Ben, Ume Ben, Take Ben & Matsu Ben), 50% of the questions are on Japanese Language Knowledge, 30% on Japanese Culture, and 20% on Japanese Society. The theme for this year is 「冬」Winter.


A total of 38 students signed up for this competition. The quiz was conducted over TELEGRAM with Google Forms. After the first 2 levels, the top 18 contestants proceeded to the next two levels to compete for the title!

Thursday, August 31, 2023


Chan Yun Xin



(153 / 240 marks)

1st Runner-Up

Ahmad Iqbal Farabi Adnan

SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat


(128/ 240 marks)

2nd Runner-Up

Lim Qian Ru

SMK (P) Methodist Klang


(113/ 240 marks)

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