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This is a series of 8 interviews focussing on the theme "WHY JAPANESE". Invited guests shared their personal journey with the language, how they got started, how they cope with it, and what impact the Japanese language has on them. These interviews were aired on Thursdays at 8:30 PM (Malaysia Time GMT+8). 

These interviews were brought to you by the Japanese Language Society of Malaysia (JLSM),

in collaboration with the Malaysia-Japan Institute of Technology (MJIIT) UTM, Language Academy Institute of Technology Malaysia (UTM), and

3A Corporation, Japan.

Study in Japan

Work in Japan and other countries

Interest in Japan

July 1 - Episode 1

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」1

As the opening event of the festival, Edward chatted with

H.E. OKA Hiroshi, the Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia.

July 8 - Episode 2

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」2

An interview with 4 Malaysians currently pursuing their bachelor degree or diploma at universities, technical colleges and professional schools in Japan

July 22 - Episode 3

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」3

Hasparina of MJIIT chatted with 2 Malaysians (3rd year of their postgraduate degree programme in Japan) on how they got their scholarship, how they cope with doing research in Japan and their future plans.

August 5 - Episode 4

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」4

KUMARAGURU of UTM spoke with 3 promising Malaysian youths working in Japan.

“Is working with the Japanese difficult?”, “How is working life in Japan?” are among some of the questions he asked

August 19 - Episode 5

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」5

Edward chatted with 3 Malaysian Expats working with Japanese companies in a 3rd country, namely, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.

Edward wanted to know how did they get to where they are now and what were their challenges working in a third country.

September 2 - Episode 6

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」6

Yo Zi and Izu talked to Davide Rossi, an Italian entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of a Study Abroad Agency in Japan and Korea.


They asked Davide about his passion for Japan and how he started a company in Japan.

September 16 - Episode 7

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」7

Ayuni chatted with 3 Malaysian cosplayers about their passion for cosplaying. Why cosplay? How to cosplay? What does it involve? What are the challenges and future of Cosplay? And how does it relate to learning Japanese?

Two of the cosplayers are studying at UiTM while the other works with Sunway University

September 30 - Episode 8

木曜日トーク「Why Japanese」7

In the final episode, Edward spoke to Giry Vincent, a French actor living in Japan for 21 years. He hosts the regular 'Okinawa Monde W-alker' on TV. He also writes lyrics and scenarios.

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