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The 14th Annual Japanese Language Festival (JLfest 2021)


These common rules apply to all competitions organized under JLfest 2021, in addition to the rules and regulations of the respective competitions.


Date and time stated in the competition is based on the MALAYSIAN TIME (GMT+8).


Only registered participants of JLfest 2021 who are not a citizen of Japan may enter for the competitions, with the exception of “Let’s 5-7-5” Competition, which is opened to the public.


Competitions are generally open to contestants of all ages unless specified otherwise.


(Festival registration is available online through JLfest Registration & Payment System from June 15, 2021).

NO ONE may enter the same competition more than once, irrespective of the roles played in the other team.



Competition sign-up commences from July 1, 2021.


Competition form must be competed and submitted to the competition’s respective email address by its closing date, which falls on a Wednesday (12 noon Malaysian time), unless specified otherwise.



Unless otherwise stated, acceptance into the competition is based on first come, first served basis. Most competitions limit the number of contestants or entries. Once this limit is reached, the competition is automatically closed.


Some competitions have workshops or familiarization sessions to enable participants to understand the requirement of the competition. They are opened to both contestants and festival participants. Acceptance into these sessions is based in first come, first served basis with priority given to already signed-up contestants.



Minors must obtain prior consent from their parent, guardian or school principal in order to compete in any of the competitions. 


It is the sole responsibility of the contestants to ensure that:

(a) they have access to a stable, speedy Wi-Fi and adequate data plan;

(b) Good working condition devices with both camera and microphone functioning well. These devices should be either connected to an electricity supply or fully charged; and

(c) They are in a quiet environment free of intrusion or disturbance from others.



When entering a Zoom call or similar video conferencing, contestants are advised to follow the following courtesy:

(a) Ensure that all devices work well (include camera and microphone function) and their name is on their screen before joining the room;

(b) Select a plain background as virtual screen is NOT permitted during the competition;

(c) Wear smart causal or school uniform;

(d) Mute when not speaking; and

(e) Look at the camera when speaking.



It is compulsory for shortlisted contestants to compete in the final as well as take part in the online rehearsal or interview(s) if requested. Failing which, they shall not be entitled to any certificate or acknowledgement of their achievement at the selection.



In principle, contestants must be medically fit to compete fully in the competition.



Display of good sportsmanship throughout the competition is essential.


Contestants MUST respect the religions and people of Malaysia or other countries. Props and costumes used must NOT contain any religious motifs, verses, personalities, icons or elements as well as any racial and sexist remarks or bias.


Language, gestures, costumes and props used must be appropriate for family viewing


While winning a prize adds a feather to our cap, the real reward is what one learned from:

(a) the process of preparing for the competition;


(b) the chance of competing with the best; and


(c) learning how the proponent won.


These valuable experience and insights gained would enhance our self-development and prepare us to face future challenges. Hence, every finalist is a winner!


(Applicable to contestants in Malaysia)

In compliance with the strict COVID-19’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) issued by Majlis Keselamatan Negara (, there should be no physical contacts or interactions among contestants as well as with the management of the competition.


1. Contestants are to submit their entries/works online;


2. Should the submission include a video recording, the video shooting:

(a) Must be held within their home or house compound;

(b) Must not involve more than one person on the screen; and

(c) Must be taken either self-shot or by a family member/friend living within the same house.


3. Contestants, competing live on video conferencing platform like ZOOM call, must:

(a) Not allowed to share screen/device with any other team member(s);

(b) Switch on their screen at all times, unless instructed to do otherwise;

(c) Wear face mask if using facilities outside their homes such as school, library, etc.

(d) Ensure that their full name appear on their screen; and

(e) Not leave the ZOOM call during the competition or otherwise they are considered withdrawn from the competition.


4. Contestants are to follow the latest SOPs issued by MKN from time to time and to seek exemption from the organizers should they be unable to fulfil certain rule(s) of the competition due to these latest developments.


5. Contestants from other countries are strongly advised to follow the SOPs issued by the authority of their own country. They are to inform the organizers should they be unable to fulfil the rules and regulations of the respective competitions due to these SOPs.


Contestants or entrants will be disqualified if they:


(a) Contravene any of the common rules or the respective rules and regulations of the competition;


(b) Misconduct (as interpreted by the organizers);


(c) Cause injury to people and damages to properties;


(d) Commit a fraud (e.g. falsifying information, etc.)


Disqualified contestants or entrants will NOT receive any certification of participant and may be barred from participation in the following year.



The organizers assume no liability for personal injury or loss of property suffered by any parties during the competition as well as any fines imposed for noncompliance of COVID-19’s SOPs by any contestants or competing teams.


Accompanying teachers, parents, guardians or their appointees are fully responsible for the safety and welfare of the minor(s) under their charge.



Prizes won will be delivered to the prize winners (within a month after the festival has ended) to the address stated in the competition form by the contestant or competing team. P.O. Box addresses will not be accepted.


While extra care will be taken to ensure that prizes are not easily damaged during delivery, the organizers are not held liable for any damage or loss incurred during shipment or in transit.



They are subjected to the sponsor’s rules and regulations. Failing to comply with them would result in the withdrawal of the grant. In such event, prize winners have no right to claim compensation whatsoever from the organizers.


Decision of the judges is FINAL. The judges of the respective competitions may also exercise its sole discretion to make or withhold an award.



The organizers reserve the right to:

(a) Cancel the competition should the number of contestants/ entrants fell below the desired number;

(b) Postpone the competition or change its time schedule without prior notice and consultation;

(c) Revise, add or delete any of the rules and regulations of the competition without prior notice; and

(d) Make final decision on any disputes arising from the competition.


In exercising the above rights, the organizers are not liable for any arising losses, damages and/or inconveniences suffered by any parties.


The organizers have the copyright to all photos and videos taken at the competitions and may use them in whatever media or forms for the purpose of reporting and publicizing not only the competition and festival but also the organizers, as well as for educational and research purposes.



It is the duty of the contestants to ensure that their works, costumes, routines, etc do not infringe the copyright(s) or trademark(s) of the third parties. The organizers shall not be a party to any such arising disputes.


For competition enquiries, please write to the email address of the respective competitions.

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