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Japanese culture that I am attracted to

Konnichiwa minna san! I’m Hadif, 3rd year student of MJIIT. For last month I have written a blog on how to study Japanese language, so for this month I will be sharing with you guys on Japanese culture. I have been to Japan for 3 times already and I am very attracted to their culture.

For the first culture that I am attracted to is how they are taught to be very respectful towards other peoples. Everywhere I go in Japan, they treat us very dearly, and in a respectful way. Even random people also being nice to me. For example, if they bump into me, they would apologize immediately. For me, they have the best hospitality for foreign people or tourists. Of course, there are also rude people but believe me, the number are very low and they even won’t make trouble for you.

For the second one is their work culture. I think this culture is very popular in the world and everyone knows how hard Japanese people works. Last 2 years I did an exchange program at Tokyo City University for a week, during that time I am able to experienced their working culture even as a student. From what I realised, they will try to finish their work, research or assignment first before doing anything else. After their work has completed, then they will do other things like going drinking with friends, playing sports and etc. They also are very strict with time, at train station especially you can see many Japanese salary man running because they don’t want to be late. This is because, by being late, they will cause inconvenient to other people and not respected other people’s time.

So, that’s all the Japanese culture that I want to share for this month blog. I hope you guys enjoy my story and can learn 1 or 2 new things from this blog post. If you have other experience being in Japan, let us know about your experience in comment section below!

About myself:

Name: Hadif

Occupation: Student

Hobby: playing guitar

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