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Friday 8:30 PM



Winning a prize at a competition may add a feather to your cap but learning from its experience gains you a crown!

You will find 10 different types of competitions to whet your appetite at the convenience of your home!

The rules & regulations of the respective competitions

should be read together with the

Competition Common Rules of the 2021 JLFest.

Only registered festival participants may participate

unless otherwise specified.

Please note that sign up for competitions

and workshops will start on July 1, 2021.

Oral Presentations

Good at telling a story and delivering a punch? Well then, why not try it out in Japanese too?


Are you good at joining the dots and tell a story? What about from pictures 7 minutes?

Research a topic related to Japan and present your findings in Japanese to your peers!

For university and college students only

Map a Kanji and find its treasure!



Have something to say? Tell the world in a song!

Making a video at home is fun. Who knows, your talent might get noticed by NHK or a film producer!


Calling all Japan fans! Challenge the other 99 and win the title!

Let's roll the dice and learn Japanese!

Literary Works

Say more with less in 5-7-5

Open to all (Non-JLfest participants are also welcomed to join)

Let's make everyone laugh with our witty lines!

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