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JLfest 2022

Nippon Quiz Bento Challenge Competition
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The competition hopes to generate interest among learners of Japan, its language, and its culture. It seeks to enhance students’ communication, collaborative research, and IT skills.

The Quiz

Comprising 4 levels (namely Junior Ben, Ume Ben, Take Ben & Matsu Ben), 50% of the questions are on Japanese Language Knowledge, 30% on Japanese Culture, and 20% on Japanese Society. The theme for this year is 「秋」Autumn.


A total of 88 students signed up for this competition. The quiz was conducted over TELEGRAM. At the first 2 levels, only the top 40 contestants were allowed to proceed to the next two levels

Sunday, July 31, 2022

1st Prize Winner

Koh Han Xin

SMK (P) Temenggong Ibrahim

(120 questions correct in 7 minutes)

3rd Prize Winner

Loh Chermayne

SMK (P) Temenggong Ibrahim

(118 questions correct in 6 minutes 24 seconds)

2nd Prize Winner

Siti Salasiah Bt Abdul Hamim

SMK (P) Methodist, Klang

(119 questions correct in 10 minutes 4 seconds)

3rd Prize Winner

Izzatul Nadhirah Bt Mohd Rifaee

SMK Ghafar Baba

(118 questions correct in 8 minutes 45 seconds)

5th Prize Winner

Nurien Aliya Najwa Bt Sallehul Razi

SMK Ghafar Baba

(117 questions correct in 6 minutes 25 seconds)

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