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Winning a prize at a competition may add a feather to your cap but learning from its experience gains you the crown!

This year there are 13 competitions of different varieties and levels to whet your appetite at the convenience of your home!

The rules & regulations of the respective competitions

should be read together with the

Competition Common Rules of the 2022 JLfest.

JLfest 2022 コンペティションの共通ルール

Only registered festival participants may participate

unless otherwise specified.

Please note that the sign-up period varies with the competition.

Registration Closed
JLfest 2022 

Retell the popular「猫の皿」your way and entice everyone!


In 7 minutes, string ideas from images and tell a story.


[ Result ]

Create a digital poster to help learners to learn a Kanji.


[ Result ]

Let's make everyone laugh with your witty conversation between a notebook and a mobile.


To wear or not to wear a mask? Convey your feelings in 5-7-5!


Revised format. 

Discover something about Japan that not many are unaware of? Share with your peers! 

意外な日本を発見し、電子ポスター でみんなと共有してみよう。

(For students from invited Universities and Colleges)

[ Result ]


Share something special about your hometown in a 2-min video under the theme 「地元の空」



Snap a photo of anything in the house and pen a caption.



Retell the story 「海の夏」in the KAMISHIBAI way!!



Entice your audience with a joke in Japanese on video.



This year's theme is Learning of Japanese Characters. Design a SUGOROKU game with Scratch!


Calling all Japan fans! Challenge the other 99 and win the title!


Ready for a KATAKANA Combat? Let's gear-up!



[ Result ]

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