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Red Tables and Chairs

Welcome to JLfest Cafe


Welcome back!

Each month we shall feature a special 2-session MENU.  毎月、2回分のスペシャルMENUをご提供します。

SESSION 1:    事前ワークショップ (Japanese Workshop)​

Let's familiarise ourselves with some Japanese vocabulary, sentence patterns, and expressions that we need to engage meaningfully in Session 2.   セッション2で必要となる日本語の語彙、文型、表現に慣れましょう。

SESSION 2:   交流会  (Interaction)

Let's interact with other NIHONGO-jin and talk about a given topic as well as learn something about Japan and the experience from a special guest.​ トッピクについて特別ゲストの話を聞いたり、日本人などの参加者と話したりして交流しましょう。


Only those who

  • speak at least simple Japanese

  • can attend both sessions; and

  • a registered participant of JLfest 2022.


  • 少なくて簡単な日本語の会話ができる方

  • 両セッションに参加できる方

  • JLfestに参加登録した方

In collaboration with  / ご協力
Sadowara International Exchange Association Miyazaki City   /    宮崎市佐土原町国際交流協会

June Menu

Title: 「うちのワンちゃん」My Pet Dog

Jun 12 (SUN)

Session 1: Japanese Workshop: Rearing a Pet

Jun 26 (SUN)

Session 2: Interactions

  • Cultural Talk: An introduction to Shibainu, one of the 6 Japanese breed dogs

  • Interaction: My Pet Dog

         (Join this session with your dog!)

TIME: 4pm-5:30pm (Malaysia Time GMT+8)

June Menu_edited.jpg

What is a NIHONGO-jin?

A person who uses Japanese in his daily life. Be it a hobby like watching anime or reading manga and chatting with friends or just attending Japanese class once a week to studying in a Japanese university or working with Japanese.  As long as you use Japanese, you are a NIHONGO-jin!

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