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hangs out and engages with each other

to learn, opine and exchange ideas.

Be it actively participating in a group chat or reading a book together, to silently listening to the experience of others,

you will find each experience

thought-provoking or mindful engagement.  

Mark your calendars!

Registration Closed

In its new outfit, the cafe offers only an exciting MENU a month for NIHONGO-JIN to chill out and talk. The 2-session MENU consists of: - 1. 事前ワークショップ  Japanese Workshop      Like the appetizer, the workshop familiarises you with related vocabulary, sentence patterns, and      expressions to enable you to engage in conversations in Japanese in the next session.  2. 交流会 Interactions      This is the main course! In addition to interacting in Japanese with other NIHONGO-JIN (native speakers included),      a special guest will also be invited to give a short talk to deepen your knowledge and interest on Japan.

A new experience for NIHONGO-JIN to read a story together and make friends. 2 interesting stories from the book 「風借り Short Stories for Young Adult Nihongo-jin」 have been selected.

Let's explore together!

Thursday Talk Show

An hour interviews with NIHONGO-JIN sharing their personal journey with Japanese language.

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