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Reading a Book



Reading  Club

Who says READING is boring?

Not if you read with friends and engage in active reading.



Short Stories for Young Adult Nihongo-jin

The stories from this storybook are written to engage its readers actively. As you read, your mind is actively visualizing the scene, who the main characters are, and what its conclusion should be? 

We have selected 2 stories, one for each month. Let's get ACTIVE. Let's have fun reading them.


This storybook is written by Edward Lee and published by the Japanese Language Society of Malaysia with a subsidy grant from the Japan Foundation's Special Program for Sakura Network Members. 


海の夏 SUMMER IN THE SEA」is the story selected for June.

The session will be held over 2 days.

JAPANESE Level : N5 and above

No of participants: 30

Platform: ZOOM

Closing Date: Wed June 1, 2022 (12pm)

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