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3 Things Japanese people Appreciates

My Japanese language sensei said the Japanese people appreciates 3 things: Greeting, Clean, and Punctual. He further clarified that eventhough a person is could not work intelligently or efficiently, they would gain respect from Japanese people if they hold on to these 3 things.

Firstly, it’s good to always greet people you meet with “Ohayougozaimasu” or good morning. Especially in a workplace, it’s important to greet people with higher postion. It can be considered rude when failing to greet them.

Secondly, clean is another important thing to pay attention to. Even before Coronavirus outbreak, If you’re feeling unwell to avoid others from getting sick you should wear a mask.

Lastly, be punctual are important as even 1-2 minutes late can be seen as inconsiderate to the people that are waiting.

About myself:

Name: Firdaus

Occupation: Student

Hobby: Jogging

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