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JLPT N3 learning tips

Konnichiwa minna san! It me Hadif again for this week blog post. As many of our members are very busy with internship and presentation, I will be writing for this week blog. So, this week’s topic is on how I will study for JLPT N3 and I hope it can help you guys with preparing for JLPT N3 as well.

From last week’s post I already mention that I have taken JLPT N5 and N4, so from my experience I already made some tips for me in preparing for JLPT N3. Firstly, I will memorise all the N3 vocabularies. This is because, vocabularies for me is like a key in understanding a conversation. For example, if we were in a situation where we talk with Japanese friends and they tend to speak very fast, for surely, we will get lost in the middle of the conversation. So, when we know some of the vocabularies, at least we know the keywords and can understand the conversation better than when not knowing the vocabs.

As we know N3 level is already at the level where Japanese company will be hiring those peoples who possessed it, so it is going to be very challenging. All the grammars will be very hard and confusing. For me, even I have N3 classes every week but I will still read Japanese short novel or watch Japanese news especially NHK. By doing this, we will surely come across some of the grammars that we already learnt and we can understand better.

Lastly, let’s not forget kanji. I already mention in last week blog where what I will be doing is just memorising based on image the kanji representing. I also will do kanji exercise like write the kanjis repetitively on 1 page while reading it out loud. But yeah, this is my way on memorising the kanji and it work perfectly for me. If you guys have any other ways or tips on how you study for JLPT N3, please write a comment down below so we can pass the JLPT N3 together!

About myself:

Name: Hadif

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