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Useful tips for JLPT N4

Hi guys, I’m Hadif and im a 3rd year electronic system student in UTM MJIIT. For this week, I will be writing on how to study for JLPT N4 effectively. Since I already passed my JLPT N4, I will share my methods of studying and I hope you guys can learn something from this post!

Firstly, for me the most important things in studying for JLPT is vocabulary. If you did not memorise all of the vocabulary for N4, it will be very hard for you to understand the questions thus you cannot answer the questions. My way of memorising vocabulary is the same like everyone else, which is just reading repetitively until I memorised it. But that’s not all, when I am outside, I will try to search for something, anything and try guessing the names of that things in Japanese. This will greatly help you to memorise it. It called practical way of memorising. Listening to Japanese song and watching dramas can also help you recognise some of the vocabs and help you memorised it!

Next important thing after vocabulary is grammar. Everyone knows Japanese grammar is one of the hardest grammars in the world. It sentences structure are very different from English and Bahasa Malaysia. I think for grammar you need at least a Japanese friend or a reliable youtube Japanese teacher who can teach you grammar for JLPT. Some may say that, they already watched so much animes, dramas, and listened to Japanese song. But trust me sometimes what we understand is actually different from Japanese people. So, by having a Japanese friend, you can refer to them and ask them for guidance so that you will not get lost in understanding their grammar. So be careful guys!