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How do I learn Japanese language in general

Hi, my name is Hadif. I am currently in my 3rd year at Malaysian Japan International Institute of Technology majoring in electronic system engineering. I want to share on how do I study Japanese language. I hope my sharing can help you with your Japanese study.

Since I am a kid, I have been watching Japanese anime, drama and movie. I listen to Japanese songs most of my free time. Hence, when I began learning Japanese formally, it was no longer foreign to me and I have already mastered some simple Japanese vocabulary. Hence, I think watching Japanese dramas and listening to Japanese songs make learning Japanese easier.

Taking part in Japanese cultural or language events is another way. At the university we have many opportunities to join an events like Japanese café, Japanese festival and Japanese language contest. Japanese café is my favorite as I was able to brush up my Japanese while talking to the Japanese native speakers. Not only they pointed out my mistakes during the interactions but also, I learn the way they talk and how to speak casual Japanese.

Hope that you will find these 2 tips useful. If you have used these methods, let us know about your experience. And if you have other ways on how we can master Japanese easier or quicker, do share with us here!

About myself:

Name: Hadif

Occupation: Student

Hobby: playing guitar

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