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Learn a trick or two to enhance your chance in some competitions or simply have fun with the language in these specially planned hands-on workshops, 

There are a total of 9 workshops.

4 for Learners, 2 for Teachers, and 3 for just anyone!

Limited places are available.

Only registered festival participants may participate

unless otherwise specified.

Please note that sign-up period for competitions

and workshops may vary.

Workshop for Learners

Impromptu speaking is not as frightening as you think. You just need to know how to do it.


Learn to design a game and make learning fun.


Is learning Kanji a chore or a bore? Well, it should be neither.. Find out more at this workshop!


And more to come.....

Workshop for Teachers

A 2-day workshop exploring how active reading can be used in the Japanese language classroom.


Why do Non-Kanji students face a huge hurdle in mastering Kanji? Let's revisit the issues and look at how we could help them..


Workshop for Everyone
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a traditional Japanese way of telling short comical stories

Learn a comical story or two and discover how easy and fun to tell them, with even very little knowledge of Japanese.

「小噺の魅力」-  簡単で楽しい。誰でもできる。やってみる?