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Japanese cuisine

Hi, my name is Sakura. I am currently in my 3rd year at Malaysian Japan International Institute of Technology. Here, I’m going to share about Japanese culture that I am interested.

I have to admit that Japanese cuisine culture fascinates me. This is because Japanese cooking practices are inextricably linked to the Japanese spirit of 'Omotenashi.' However, the Japanese term it a 'Kakushi houchou,' which involves chopping up the ingredients to make it easier to soak in the flavor and improve the flow of fire. Many additional time-consuming procedures are used, and even non-professional cooks like it. Japanese people generate so much fuss because they want to entertain others, eat delightfully, and compliment them for cooking deliciously.

And maybe religion connects to the reason why the Japanese are so committed to their food culture. Japanese do not adhere to a single monotheistic faith, and many are polytheistic. Although the Japanese are not Christians, they will marry in the chapel and promise eternal love. As a result, many Japanese people do not attach religious significance to food and eat anything provided it is tasty. When it comes to eating, the Japanese are convenient. Christians reject specific meals, such as "I don't want to eat octopus," Muslims "don't eat (drink) pigs and alcohol," and "Western society is resistant" from a religious standpoint. As opposed to being. Japanese raw cuisine was once seen as strange by people all around the world. From a religious standpoint, I believe monotheistic people are more prone to bring in culinary preferences. But, on the other hand, because they are not religious, Japanese people enjoy many dishes worldwide.

This is all the Japanese culture I'd like to convey with this blog this month. I hope you enjoy and that take away new insights from this blog article. If you have any more experiences in Japan, please share them in the comments section below!

About myself:

Name: Sakura

Occupation: Student

Hobby: Reading novels

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